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The developers of Albion Online want you to murder the heck out of your fellow players, but they also want to make sure that you’re not exactly rewarded for your decision to murder people for no reason. The game’s reputation system is a compromise between the two extremes. If you gather resources, live as a lawful citizen, and defend others, you can look forward to being well-liked by the Royal Expeditionary Forces. If you stab everyone you can see in town, on the other hand… well, for starters, you’re soon not going to be allowed in town.

Nine reputation ranks are available for players, with the more disreputable criminal ranks eventually barring you from access to all but the least-policed areas. You can, however, steal items from other players. That’s not counting the lawless areas of the game, where even upstanding citizens can wander around executing whomever they want. Check out the full rundown of the system, or check out the video explaining the system just below.


GDC 2016: Take a Look at The Tablet Version of Albion Online

Albion Online is in a closed beta right now. In GDC 2016, the developer offered a brief look at how the touch interface of Albion Online is going to work. No kidding, it’s exactly like how it works on a PC with a mouse. One major correction from this video though, Albion Online is going to be universal. The experience likely won’t be as great on the iPhone, but you will be able to play it on any device.

The followings are another three videos of what high-level Albion Online play looks like:

Open World PvP

Hellgates PvP



Top-down PvP sandbox Albion Online has released a new video highlighting the game’s missions and factions. Lead designer Robin Henkys and technical director David Salz are your guides to Albion’s missions, which work a bit like quests in other games, according to Salz. Factional representatives may approach players and grant tasks including transportation of goods and combat/elimination missions.


On the other hand, Salz continues, missions aren’t exactly like standard MMO quests because the open world factions have limited amounts of money that they can spend on missions. This means that players are competing with one another for those missions, and it’s possible for a given faction to run out of money if everyone chooses to work for them.

Click past the cut to learn more via the full video.

Albion Online has a great formula

Right now, Albion has a great formula. The crafting is great, the required specialization / grind is acceptable to have a long lasting game and economy, and the guild vs guild system is fun. I love the territories, attacking, defending, etc.

My major issue is shared among MANY of the players who have reached T4.3/5.2/6… We need to move into red zones to kill T6. This obviously means full loot and heart pounding farming and a general mistrust of anyone you see. EXCELLENT!This is good for a full loot PvP game! Everyone, including carebears should be in these zones to get the best farm/silver/mats. The issue lies in what we experience once in those zone by Albion Online Gold.

First off, going into these zones solo or in a small group is suicide. These zones are patrolled by 7-9 person hostile groups who simply kill anything and everything they come across. WHICH IS FINE! I’m 100% okay with running across a group that wants me dead…. But make it so they have to make a decision to kill me rather than kill on sight. Am I worth it?? What are the consequences for murdering me in cold blood? I’m just another traveler in a guild that they are not at war with…. Why kill me? Why become a murderer?? UO had a very good system that separated the virtuous from the murderous. 5 player kills turned you into a murderer. 5 player kills made it impossible for you to return to town the Albion Online . (EDIT: These 5 kills degraded over time and you will not be thought of a murderer FOREVER…. Only until you wait long enough to be under the threshold of 5. THEN you would be able to return to town etc) You were excommunicated from society and had to live off the land/your guild. A bounty for your head would be posted on the board in town, and created Virtuous vs Murderer witch hunts…

Picture this. “Die Noob” is the number one murderer in all of Albion. He’s been running around with his cohorts for the past month killing anything and everything in his path. He’s the most wanted man in Albion, and his bounty proves it… Killing him, removing his head, and returning it to the sheriff nets your a cold 15 million silver… He also happens to be a part of the guild “Noobs die” who owns a territory right outside of Boneharbor… Can you imagine the groups of players who would add his name to their friends list, see when he’s online, and wait for him to return from to his territory Sweet retribution for this asshole… On top of that….

Each murder took time to remove from your record. 24 hours to be precise… and each additional murder you committed above the initial 5 came with experience loss on death… Which meant the grinding you’ve been doing would be put on the line should you die….Now “Die Noob” not only loses his $15million bounty renown status, but he take a MAJOR hit to his experience.. Dropping him 2 full tiers due to the insane amount of murders he had accumulated.

Albion Online Mount Breeding Guide

As mentioned previously, raising and selling mounts is one of the best ways of earning silver in Albion Online, second only to running through dungeons and defeating bosses.

The following video by Youtube user Staxxey will guide you through the different steps you’ll need to go through to raise horses and oxes.

With that done, it will be up to you to do whatever you want with your mount, using it yourself, selling it or giving it away to guildmates, or selling it on the Auction Houses.

Albion Online trailer features new “classless combat system” for beta next week

Albion Online is entering closed beta on Monday as an isometric MMO with a focus on PvP and sandboxing in a massive open world. That’s supported by a class and combat system that’s quite interesting and debuted in a new trailer today. It involves your role being selectable and modifiable on the fly via what equipment you’re using.

Need an MMO to play? Here’s the best.

There’s been a lot of attempts at this sort of classless system, in MMOs, RPGs and Pen and Paper before. It’s a lot easier in games that don’t involve PvP and therefore less worries about balance. With Albion’s focus in that direction, it’ll be interesting to see how it ends up by the time the game goes live at the start of 2016. They’ve provided some more details on exactly how it will work:

“With the armor, players can choose not only the materials (leather, cloth or plate) the armor is made of but also the weight (light, medium or heavy) to go with each kind:

Light armor: characters receive enhanced abilities but less protection, which is more suitable for assassin’s play style, dealing more damage and avoiding being hit
Heavy armor: better defence although less strength, perfect for the tank style disrupting the enemy lines”
As mentioned in the video, there are also different effects based on weapon types. Exactly how all this interacts should be interesting. Access to the beta is being sold through Founder’s Packs (which seems to be the new norm) but no free random option. It’ll be free to play when it launches, so likely better to wait.