Does FFXIV needs a new small race?

Please read my reasoning before you oppose me or tell me something about lalafells.

First of all, from a personal standpoint, I have to admit that I love smaller races. But… I do not like lalafells. Again, I have nothing against lalafells and I even respect those who dare being different from the masses. They’re just not for me. When I tried Blade and Soul though, I fell in love with the lyns. I also liked the elins in Tera but the over-sexualization and the gender lock bothered me too much to play them. Anyway… All that to say that I appreciate a race smaller in size and it is a shame to see FF14, one of the best mmos out there, lacking one. I think it would be a fair choice to opt for that option for the potentially new race of 4.0.

What I mean by ”fair choice” is that so far, we have CHEAP FFXIV GIL a fairly decent selection of races. All humanoid yes but with various features and sizes, fit for all tastes. We have:

-Very big and bulky(with extra muscles)
-Very tall and slender(with pointy ears)
-Very tall and toned/muscular(with horns)
-Simply tall and muscular(without eyebrows)
-Medium size and slender(iconic human)
-Medium(albeit a tiny bit smaller) and slender(with cat ears)
-Extremely small and chubby(with pointy ears)

With this current selection, it is safe to say that all categories are filled except for that one category between lalafell and miqo’te. Races like the padjal and that elf mutant (Alphinaud) fit that role perfectly but they are not playable for lore reasons which is fair enough. Henceforth, I believe it would be wise to fill that vacant category to keep the playable race balance intact.

I know there is a lot of demands for Viera and I perfectly understand that sentiment. I would totally play a bunny too if I had the choice but sadly, the au’ra have taken that spot and it would be very redundant and unoriginal to create yet another tall race when we already have the elezen and the au’ra filling those roles. Though, I have to say, I kinda liked their own smaller version of bunny people that they showed some time ago. They filled the viera demand while proposing to fill a new build category(though they were a bit too chubby, making them look like bigger lalafells).

In conclusion, I believe it would be interesting to have access to a smaller race that is bigger than lalafell. Races like the genomes(FF9), lyns(BnS), elins(Tera), aurins(WS), noels(RO2) or even a sightly bigger version of the FF12 moogles would be awesome. They can also go with something more unique such as smaller yagudos(FF11), fairies or satyrs!

What do you guys think? Do you think a new small race would be welcome BUY FF14 GIL or would you prefer another tall race with bunny ears?

What would you like to see?

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