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Reducing the fame grind across the board

I mean if you and Vanity are farming in a yellow/red zone and your son comes to join you, is his account going to be considered “scouting”? If you are gathering and your son comes and picks up materials off you will that be considered a “direct advantage” and all accounts banned? There’s so many scenarios that can be taken any number of ways other than what it is it’s just not possible to create and justly enforce these kinds of scenarios.

That is why it’s critical for game design to be done that discourages the advantages of multi-accounting so long as they don’t, in process, harm normal, healthy game play habits as well. Reducing the fame grind across the board, reduce refinement times (which serve no purpose), and other similar changes will go a long Albion Online Power Leveling way in reducing the desire to multiaccount.

What happens when my family three man’s a dungeon? Are we banned? If you’re going to stay at a guildmates house for a week long visit, (dating gamers or friends) you can’t play or it’s a ban? Some of the proposed approaches being discussed are so out of touch it boarders on comical. It’s starting to feel like we are MMO gaming in 1996 again.

Some of the biggest financial contributors to the gaming market are families and couples, married or dating. These are professional adults that actually invest money into the gaming industry for multiple accounts. If you lose one you lose them both, or in this case all three. It’s just a terrible business model to cut out that source of revenue from a game that has such a small market share already. If you want to sell vanity items you want girls in the game and this pushes them out. I mean my wife’s character name IS Vanity lol. She has and will spend untold amount of money on how her characters look in a game.


The Long-term Repercussions Of Albion Online

Anytime an MMO announces a change or nerf, lots of people in the community wiBut then, think about the long-term repercussions of this change. Most of us probably have a pretty good inventory of resources from the previous bountiful laborer system. That will eventually dry up. Once it does, what will that do to resource prices? If they skyrocket, won’t that make people more likely to risk going to red/black zones to obtain resources to sell? If so, is this a good or bad thing for the economy overall?

With complex systems like MMOs, it’s always tough to predict the downstream effect of changes. Sometimes it’s better to just try things and see what happens.ll scream and cry that it’s the end of the world, even though that’s rarely the case. Sometimes it’s better to push proposed changes to Live and then track the actual results, rather than try to make adjustments based on community (over)reaction. This is especially true during beta, when there’s still plenty of time for things to change without too much pain/effort.

Personally, I’m glad they put this patch in without holding it back due to concerns. Not sure the level of telemetry and data they have available, but it’d be super interesting to see the amount of total fame being put into books now, versus before. As well as the number of folks harvesting in red/black zones, etc.

From my own (very anecdotal) perspective, it seems like hardly anyone is gathering in red zones now, as I’m finding full nodes and dire wolves choke full of skins. This makes be wonder if a lot of the traffic wasn’t caused by people filling books, people who are no longer bothering to go out and fill them.

Albion Online has a great formula

Right now, Albion has a great formula. The crafting is great, the required specialization / grind is acceptable to have a long lasting game and economy, and the guild vs guild system is fun. I love the territories, attacking, defending, etc.

My major issue is shared among MANY of the players who have reached T4.3/5.2/6… We need to move into red zones to kill T6. This obviously means full loot and heart pounding farming and a general mistrust of anyone you see. EXCELLENT!This is good for a full loot PvP game! Everyone, including carebears should be in these zones to get the best farm/silver/mats. The issue lies in what we experience once in those zone by Albion Online Gold.

First off, going into these zones solo or in a small group is suicide. These zones are patrolled by 7-9 person hostile groups who simply kill anything and everything they come across. WHICH IS FINE! I’m 100% okay with running across a group that wants me dead…. But make it so they have to make a decision to kill me rather than kill on sight. Am I worth it?? What are the consequences for murdering me in cold blood? I’m just another traveler in a guild that they are not at war with…. Why kill me? Why become a murderer?? UO had a very good system that separated the virtuous from the murderous. 5 player kills turned you into a murderer. 5 player kills made it impossible for you to return to town the Albion Online . (EDIT: These 5 kills degraded over time and you will not be thought of a murderer FOREVER…. Only until you wait long enough to be under the threshold of 5. THEN you would be able to return to town etc) You were excommunicated from society and had to live off the land/your guild. A bounty for your head would be posted on the board in town, and created Virtuous vs Murderer witch hunts…

Picture this. “Die Noob” is the number one murderer in all of Albion. He’s been running around with his cohorts for the past month killing anything and everything in his path. He’s the most wanted man in Albion, and his bounty proves it… Killing him, removing his head, and returning it to the sheriff nets your a cold 15 million silver… He also happens to be a part of the guild “Noobs die” who owns a territory right outside of Boneharbor… Can you imagine the groups of players who would add his name to their friends list, see when he’s online, and wait for him to return from to his territory Sweet retribution for this asshole… On top of that….

Each murder took time to remove from your record. 24 hours to be precise… and each additional murder you committed above the initial 5 came with experience loss on death… Which meant the grinding you’ve been doing would be put on the line should you die….Now “Die Noob” not only loses his $15million bounty renown status, but he take a MAJOR hit to his experience.. Dropping him 2 full tiers due to the insane amount of murders he had accumulated.