The Massive PVE and Quality-of-Life Update of Albion Online

Albion Online

It’s a big day for Albion Online, as the sandbox title has released a huge patch that adds loads of PvE content to the game, as well as a meaty batch of quality-of-life improvements.

Named “Aurelius,” the first patch since the game’s closed beta started two weeks ago adds three new types of Keeper-themed dungeons, found in 23 locations throughout the game. There are three new bosses and three new enemy types to be slain, and players will have 10 new spells and abilities to make that slaying a little bit easier. To get in the festive spirit of the season, there’s also a new boss, Uncle Frost, who roams the dungeons and drops a Christmas hat.

In addition to the content, Sandbox Interactive is making a number of other small, but helpful, tweaks to the game. There are now multiple chat channels, and you can move with a right-click, to avoid accidentally clicking on something — monster or resource node — to interact with. There’s also better visibility for spells once they become ready and on character portraits to determine if they’re in combat.



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